At VTM we are also experts in gaskets. In our large inventory we have form-pressed graphite rings, manholegaskets and box gaskets.

We supply planks in stretch metal reinforced graphite, PTFE, and fiber. Spiral inserts in graphite and PTFE, even crinkle tape. We always have standard packs in stock and make flat packs themselves.

If you have any specific requests please do not hesitate to contact us. We tailor gaskets to our customers and have knowledge and experience of special dimensions.

We have gaskets in all materials such as graphite, fiber and teflon and our suppliers are Donit and Teadit.

Contact us for more information about our gaskets and if you want to become a customer with us!

● Stretch metal reinforced graphite
● Fiber
● Spiral inserts in graphite and PTFE
● Crinkle tape
● Large layer of molded graphite rings,
● manholegaskets
● Box gaskets